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Cargo Protection Solutions and Beyond The latest technology and innovations in Air, Road, Rail or Sea Container Cargo Protection Solutions that will ensure your valuable cargo reaches its destination well secured and undamaged.

Security Seals


Kraft Paper Dunnage Air Bags

Kraft Paper Dunnage Air Bags

PE Dunnage Air Bags

PE Dunnage
Air Bags

PP Dunnage Air Bags

PP Dunnage
Air Bags

Lashing and strapping equipment

Lashing and Strapping Equipment

Container desiccants


Cord Strap

Cord Strap


Strap Buckles

Lifting Slings

Lifting Slings

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Stretch Film and Pallet Covers. 100% Safety Guaranteed.

Palette wrap and stretch film help to keep shipments safe and secure while protecting them against the elements. Pallet packaging offers a cost-effective lashing and securing cargo Solution that can be quickly and easily applied to any size shipment from a single carton to a large pallet or even a container. Our products protect loads from mechanical and weather damage. Stretch films are available in colored or transparent versions, which allow you to hide the contents of the cargo.

Our products protect loads from mechanical and weather-related damage. Stretch films come in colored or translucent varieties, allowing you to conceal the contents of the cargo. With the help of advances in stretch film technology, we can produce products that are more specialized to the preferences of the consumer.
Stretch Film high performance to satisfy all applications.


Wooden Pallet

When wet and cold environments put packaging to the test, our paperboard performs under the pressure. Explore our paperboard options ideally suited for beverage packaging.

Plastic Pallet

These pallets are hygienic and can be hot washed, steam cleaned or chemically sterilised. They are extremely safe to use in warehouse racking as they are designed to lock into the racking unlike many other plastic pallet alternatives.

Slip Sheets

Many companies across the world are saving considerable amounts of money by using slip sheets. Reduce your packaging and transportation costs by over a million dollars annually.

Compressed Wood Pallets

Our Environmentally friendly pallets are designed as an alternative to standard wooden and plastic pallets.

industrial pallets and slip sheet