Our Purpose

Building a future for Packaging Manufacturing

A better way to build Packaging products through a redefined experience, Innovative Technology, Scale and Agility.

The information needed to make better packaging decisions today is scattered and opaque.

Our customers will continue to have greater access and control over the manufacturing process, and in turn, will get their products to market faster than ever before with a substantially lower total cost of production than today.

Packaging Manufacturing Services

Why We’re Here

IBourg began with a question: Why is the packaging manufacturing experience so outdated, difficult, and slow? We realized these difficulties first-hand while working in a Industrial and consumer packaging business. Packaging Manufacturing is a highly unorganized industry, and the process of procuring a custom packaging product is inefficient. IBourg is changing this through its digital first technology platform. We're curious people, in more ways than one. We like to understand how things work, and why they are the way they are. We come from diverse backgrounds and have unusual skills. This curiosity and cross-pollination is how we approach problems with a creative mindset.

Our core values

Accelerating the transition to a circular economy is everyone's business - from individuals to brands, manufacturers, transporters and recycling systems. We believe accountability starts with transparency. That's why our tools are designed to make packaging information accessible to everyone.

Our core values

Diverse Skills & People

IBourg is not just a contract manufacturer, but fundamentally a technology company with a focus on packaging innovation. Our team is comprised of production line operators, software engineers, packaging design engineers, customer support, marketers, and sales reps.