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IBourg offers high-quality production, globally competitive costs , unparalleled lead times and Elastic Factory Capacity across thousands of manufacturing lines in India and other global regions.

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Digital Packaging Manufacturing Services Online
Global Packaging Cloud Manufacturer


Digital-First Experience

IBourg is a global packaging manufacturing network that increases efficiency, quality and value. Its manufacturing capabilities help customers reduce the costs of existing and new products, optimize the number of suppliers, and produce high-quality products faster.


Manage your purchasing process online

Track order status and delivery dates online.

Manage fixed-price agreements

Execute contracts and authorize orders

Automated invoicing and flexible payment options

Digital Packaging Manufacturing Services


Enable purchasing teams to
collaborate with Direct Manufacturers

We ensures that every production product is inspected and meets requirements before dispatch.


Maximize Precision

IBourg provides a precise match between customer specifications and supplier capabilities.


Lead Time

IBourg helps customers get product delivered in less than 7 days, thus enabling shorter lead times for customers to get to the market.


Best Quality

IBourg Quality Certified ensures that each production part is tested and meets all requirements before shipment. It ensures that there are no quality losses, which means no customer rejections.


Better Clarity

IBourg Project Management team of project managers provides real-time visibility and accurate status of the project through technology.

Make better production decisions

Identify cost and lead time issues with fully interactive detailed cost estimates
Get to market faster, easier at every stage of production. Eliminate delays with real-time supply chain visibility and pre-approved packaging products

Global Packaging Cloud Manufacturer


Tap into the power of the IBourg Factory Network

Global Largest Manufacturer for all types of Packaging Products